Packing for the Trip
Tips on How to Pack

Good Traveling Clothes

1. Clothes that are light in weight
2. Blouses, skirts, and undergarments that can be laundered quickly and easily, that dry quickly, and that need little if any pressing or ironing.
3. Clothes that do not wrinkle easily
4. Clothes that are interchangeable, such as separates, and those that can be worn in a variety of ways with a change of accessories and jewelry.

Some Helpful Hints When Packing

-Put shoes and any heavy articles in bags.
-Avoid packing glass bottles
-Use cellophane tape for securing lids and tops of containers
-Place the heaviest things on the bottom, place the lightest things on top
-Look over the articles to see if mending needs to be done
-Make a daily plan, decide what you will wear each day
-Carry a minimum of luggage
-Choose clothes that are easily packed.
-Place tissue paper between the folds of clothing that is likely to wrinkle. Fold garments along the side seams or at waistline to avoid wrinkling.
-Roll up hose and bras and put inside hats or purses.
-Roll up belts and place them in the corners of the suitcase
-Before you lock the suitcase, check to see that no clothing shows outside.
-Include all necessary items for grooming and all accessories for clothes.

On any trip, carrying a minimum of luggage and keeping the luggage light has three advantages.

1. It is less trouble to carry while traveling.
2. It means you do not have to pack, unpack, hang up, or take care of unnecessary articles, thus saving time and effort.
3. It will not cause inconvenience for finding storage for your items at your destination.

Some people who travel a great deal learn how to plan and pack their clothing so that they can go on a long trip with only one piece of luggage.

Packing a Suitcase

When traveling by car, you can carry clothing in a large zippered cloth or plastic garment bag. For plane, train, or bus travel, it is better to take a suitcase, because a suitcase is easier to handle and it can be locked. Your name and address should be enclosed in the suitcase and written on a tag securely attached to the outside at the handle.

Before packing a suitcase, it is a good idea to assemble all the garments and articles that you want to take. Even if you do not make a list, you will avoid time and trouble by putting everything out on a bed or on chairs before beginning to pack. This way not only are you sure that you have everything you need and that you have put it in the case, but you can pack things in such a way that they take up less room. Your clothes are protected and are less likely to wrinkle.

Safety When You Travel

1. Observe the rules governing passengers as published or posted by the bus, train, or plane companies
2. Take care in getting on or off any vehicle
3. Remain in your seat as much as possible while the vehicle is moving.
4. Refrain from putting hands out of windows on buses.

Please note effective January 6 2006 all US citizens entering Caribbean countries must present a valid US passport.

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